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We created the bakersfiledbusinessguide.com with the businesses' perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would require no marketing skills or business experience.

Today, we're proud to empower future startups and small business owners around the world. Everyone who wants to create their own business and we're excited to help you on your journey...

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John Alson

John Alson

John Alson is an experienced business consultant and a contributing editor at Bakersfieldbusinessguide.com. He has extensive experience in business strategy and planning, sales management, marketing, business development, and corporate communications. He has been involved in a variety of public and private sector roles including management consultant, project management and marketing manager, and is now focusing on sharing his knowledge and experience with the community through the bakersfiledbusinessguide.com.

email: john@bakersfieldbusinessguide.com

Daren Bell

Daren Bell

Daren Bell is in the metal scraping business for more than a decade. He scrapes metals on a regular basis. Bell’s most recent work is a metal scraping machine for speed up to his metal separation process. He likes to share his knowledge and has a keen interest in the metal scraping business.

email: daren@bakersfieldbusinessguide.com