How to Write a Business Plan for Startups & Small Businesses | Step by Step Guide

John Alson - January 19, 2020

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This guide will show you, how to shape your business plan.

Now you set up your business and market research seems positive. It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty off making a business plan.

It will help you face the future realistically and if you want to apply for a business loan, It's essential

Steps to create a good small business plan:

  1. Research
  2. Write it down all aspects of your business
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Finance Plan
  5. Identifying Variables
  6. Planning the future


Do some research. Visit your local banks, I'm also going to let you have a starter pack for sitting up a small business are all different and very helpful.

Consider getting in touch with your local business link. A business link is a government-funded organization specifically set up to help small businesses. I would look at that website and see how they could help you. Tell something to give you good advice on what should be in your business plan.

Write it down.

Writing things down helps to clarify your thoughts and these are the points you should be considering.

  • What's the purpose of your business?
  • What is it that you're selling?
  • What's your Market in other words who are you selling to?
  • What about the competition?
  • Where does your business fit in and even more important where does it differ from the competition? It will help give you a few of how to Corner the market.

Marketing Plan

You need to think about your marketing plan. Let other people know that your business has arrived.

  • How to plan your marketing strategy for more advice on this?
  • What are you starting up requirements?
  • What do you need to get your business really up and running?


Examples cost for a new office :

  • Computer
  • Stock materials
  • Office furniture and office equipment

These can cost you a lot of money. So you may need to plan how to finance your business. People are a very important part of any business. Experience and any qualifications,if they needed and then add any other factors using Code Enforcement.


It's almost impossible to predict exactly what will happen. So it's a good idea to highlight the areas where you can't be precise.

Opening a fashion boutique for example you can't possibly know what your customer footfall is going to be but you can probably predict your seasonal sales trends.

Michael spring summer autumn and winter collections but even these depend on the weather.

The way forward

Finally, think about the way forward. Once you considered all these points, try to predict how long it'll take you to get your business really up and running. It'll probably take a lot longer than you think. Her Majesty's revenue and customs wouldn't be surprised if you didn't make a profit for two years but you need to keep steady cash flow. This is why you need a good bookkeeping system and cash flow forecast which will help keep you on track.

So these are the keys to preparing a good business plan

Who knows, you could find you a small-business turning into a really profitable enterprise :)