Top 18 Remote Business Ideas for 2020

Author: John Alson
Updated on March 28, 2020

best business ideas 2020

If you were looking for low-cost business ideas and how to make money quickly and you don't have a lot of money to spend then this is a must-read post for you

In this post, we will discuss 19 business ideas for 2020 and how you can make big money from implementing them

  1. Creating Product Guides
  2. Selling Ideas
  3. Personal Trainer
  4. Buy and Sell Domains
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Android and IOS App Developer
  7. Content Creator
  8. Professional Blogger and Sell Digital Products
  9. Video Editor and Creator
  10. Virtual Assistant
  11. Spokesperson
  12. YouTuber
  13. Freelancer
  14. Voice-over Artist
  15. Dropshipping
  16. Programmer
  17. Business Blog Writer
  18. Affiliate Marketing

Create Product Guides And Selling

You can start selling eBooks, video food tutorials or any form of informational products.Once you have a great product to sell, you will need to consider where to actually sell it.You could create a sales page on your own website but this would require you to drive significant amounts of traffic to it before starting to see a return which taking up a lot of your time to sell your ideas.

Selling Ideas

If you're too creative and have many ideas then you can start joining idea selling websites and start selling your creative ideas to those people who are looking for your ideas. This is the easiest work that you can do if you are creative and smart.

Personal Trainer

The average income for an entry-level personal trainer is $15 per hour or about $34,000 per year. The average for all trainers is about making $42,000 per year but you need to take the certification to be certified as a personal trainer.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buy and sell domains domain names are becoming a valuable commodity in which to trade and sell domain names are very similar to the stock market you can buy domain names online for relatively low costs

Graphic Design

Large numbers of websites are being launched every day which has led high demand for a good logo and graphic designers it is going only one way and that is new north if you are an individual with a creative bent of a mind and a skill for manipulating logos and graphics you can make money online from home by selling your expertise as a freelancer

Android and IOS App Developer

Applications have become a huge success over the years companies and private individuals have developed applications to meet their target audiences needs these range from a variety of beans to use for tools and companies to use them to promote their business and help their customers find the products or services they are looking for.

Content Creator

You too can become a content creator and earn a good income working from home. In this highly attractive career whose demand has shot up dramatically in recent years. One of the great attractions to this location is the freedom, you do not have to be stuck in some office from 9 to 5 to do proofreading and editing.

A proofreader is required to check manuscripts' documents articles for websites for spelling grammatical or factual errors.

Professional Blogger And Sell Digital Products

An excellent avenue for anyone to write just about anything under the sun while most of them are personal in nature like a journal that covers a wide range of topics from professional advice to product reviews to sell digital products.

Video Editor and Creator

If you're passionate for creating animated videos business videos, tutorials, and how-to videos then you can start video creation services as a freelancer

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are very often women and men who use their highly developed skills training and experience to assist other businesses.

Become Spokesperson

A spokesperson can demonstrate a product's use and usability. In addition to that with an attractive face and charismatic voice, you can have your customers undivided attention.


Since every laptop tablet and smartphone comes equipped with a built-in camera anyone can start creating videos and posting them to, you too if you have the knowledge you want to share or are just incredibly charismatic. Then you can start profiting from your blog through ads.

Freelancing business

Freelancers can easily find new jobs by websites that are designed for them. These are free for most members to join although there might be fees associated with.

Seated with jobs once they are completed people who need work done will post their job up on the site for all Freelancers to use individuals who are interested can easily bid on the project if they are qualified.

Voiceover Artist

if you've ever been complimented on the quality or tone of your voice, you may have thought that it would be fun to see if you could make some money doing commercials as a voice-over artist.


Dropshipping allows you to sell products through your e-commerce shop without ever needing to touch any inventory. The buyer buys from your site and you place the order. Your supplier sends it directly to the buyer and you get to keep the profits.

Become A Programmer

It is important for everyone to learn how to use their programming skills to lead a good life and be comfortable with their lifestyle choices and that's why today we will go through different ways . A programmer can monetize his or her skills by doing freelance or creating services or products

Business Blog Writer

You can become a part-time blog writer for your own blogs and others. You just need to have good writing skills and know-how to convert more call to action from your visitors.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing business on the internet where an affiliate decides to promote some merchant's goods or services which a certain percentage of the sales is paid to the affiliate as commission

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